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You worked to purchase the best vehicles from the auctions or trades. You worked hard to market them to the world. Now it is time to sell. This is the area where you need help from your dealer management system most. Here are a few key areas.

CRM: This is the customer relationship manager. In the old times, you kept a rolodex to remember what you said to a customer. It is very important to remember that because it will increase your chances of sale. As soon as you start putting this info into a system, you realize this is the same place where you should manage your sales force. You need a system where multiple users can work on your leads. Our CRM does just that. It gives you a clear picture of your sales staff activities.

Desking: The process that starts with a customer sitting down at a desk with you for the sale of a vehicle is called desking. At this point you are talking about the details of a deal, discussing the finance options, etc. You need a DMS to be able to see different payment options and guide you step by step through the deal. Our deal wizard is one such module. It can give quotes, calculate payments and do all the things below until you complete the sale.

Credit Reports: You can pull credit reports directly from our DMS while you are working on a deal. It is very simple and gives you a clear picture of what kind of financing you can get for your customer. We provide our reports through CredCo - the industry leader in risk management. You can actually pull reports from multiple bureaus and merge them to give you a better view.

Credit Apps: Most customers need some kind of financing to be able to purchase a vehicle. The best thing about this is dealers can enjoy some profits from selling loans as well. It is called participation. Our DMS is fully integrated with EZ Dealer Finance, where you can submit applications to multiple lenders at the same time. If you need other financing options, we also have a generic credit app form. If you need custom forms, we can always set that up, too.

Forms: This is a standard functionality for most dealer management systems but amazingly it is not available in some major providers that claim to be providing a DMS. We will make any forms you have available in your account in PDF format. Most DMV forms are available in this format. If you need carbonless copy forms that are printed with dot matrix printers, we can set that up as well. Our form wizard is very flexible.

Profit and Loss: Last step of the deal wizard shows you the bottom line: how much are you going to make out of this deal? This is very important. It shows all your costs associated with that vehicle. Participation profits are a little different from regular profits because they are not always realized. You can enter your participation profits as you receive payments or as a reserve payment.

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