Carsinia Online Inventory Management System: Auctions, Transportation, Reconditioning, Floor Planning

car dealer lot inventory management software

What is inventory management for car dealers? It consists of a few processes. It starts with purchasing cars. This is mainly done in auctions for used car dealers. Some bigger dealers obtain their vehicles direct from the manufacturers. Trades make up for the rest of the inventory. It is very rare for a dealer to buy a car from a customer without a trade. The bottom line is that you need to keep track of how much you spend on your cars. Depending on where you buy them, different costs are involved. If you are purchasing a car at an auction, you need to pay a fee. For trades, you need to check how much you are making from the sale. If the vehicle you purchased has an outstanding lien, you need to pay it off to be able to sell it. In our DMS, you can keep track of all these purchasing costs and report on them.

If you are purchasing inventory at an auction, you may need to handle shipping. This may be true for other channels as well. There are a few things you can do to lower your shipping costs. For example, you can combine shipments coming from different areas to meet at a certain city and merge from there on. Our dealer software can save this info and add on to the transportation costs to be reported.

Most dealers use floor planning loans. These are short term loans taken with low interest rates until the sale of a vehicle. You can save this info in our DMS and report on it later on. Our software will calculate when you need to pay up for your inventory and keep track of the floor plan fees as part of your costs.

Do you know how much you spend on reconditioning your vehicles? Well, with Carsinia you can! Not only you can see how much is spent on each vehicle and what kind of work was performed, but also you can manage your employees and vendors in charge. Repair costs make up for a major part of used car dealers and they need to be recorded to be able to do a proper profit analysis.

With Carsinia, you can easily see which vehicles are sold, ready for sale or getting ready. It is hard to imagine inventory management without sales. Once you sell a car, you want to see how much you made off of it. What is more, you want to see how much you made overall in a month. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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