Carsinia Dealer Websites and Online Dealer Management System (DMS)

dealer websites image: research online, find business and make a purchase process sums up the main benefits. contact us for a demonstration and more details. we can help with design, search engine optimization and social media optimization.

Most car dealers have realized the value of having a place in the virtual world. It is really the base if you would like to attract people to your dealer online. There are a lot of online services for used and new car dealers. Some are simple listings. Some may offer just one or a few web pages. In case you are wondering if you should get a website or settle for something else, stop. Dealer websites are crucial in this day and age. And this is true even for the smallest dealers. The questions should be about the details. Mainly, how do you display your vehicles? With or without frames? Should be without, by the way. Can you post them to other sites? How easy is it to post? Is it search engine friendly?

How easy is it to manage? This is the main question you should ask when choosing your website. You should be able to add new cars to your website in a matter of minutes. Adding or changing a new page should be no big deal. But the most crucial thing about your website is SEO. How easy is it to fine tune your website for SEO? If your vehicles are listed in a frame, that is bad. Your website and DMS should be integrated very tightly. It should be the same system. Our dealer software is an integrated system as such. You will definitely see a boost by having a website with us. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing

If these terms sound complex, fret not. These are just ways of promoting your website. Some people think of them as distinct methods but they should be used together. SEO is making small changes to your website so that search engines can index it better. Social media marketing is mainly networking in the online world. Spreading the word, so to say. We are more connected than we think. Word of mouth is still the best ad you can give. Write a blog (online diary). Start a facebook page. Digg your website. Search engines care more about what other sites say about you than what you say about your self. Here is a good article that explains SEO. Also, check out this link for social media marketing. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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