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What's in it for me?

There are many benefits of working with our software. First of all, you get the highest quality software that is very easy to use. You save time and money. Since we provide a one-stop shop solution, you do not need to worry about how to get 2-3 systems talk to each other. And we provide this at a great price.

What's the catch?

No catch. We are a small company that provides a great software. You would pay up to 10 times more to obtain a similar solution from our competitors. Just check us out and see it for your self.

How much is it?

We provide our DMS at a great price that is priced according to your needs. Please contact us to get your quote. We will beat any of our competitors prices for similar packages.

OK, I want to try it!

Great! Just go to our contact us page and submit the form with your contact info. We will contact you within one business day to schedule a demo.

Carsinia Online Dealer Software: Dealer Management System (DMS)

Are you looking for a solid dealer management system? If so, you came to the right place. We provide an online DMS that is built to be a one-stop shop solution. From purchasing to sales, we offer a full featured program that will make your processes easier and save you a lot of time and money. We also provide dealer websites and online marketing tools that will boost your sales. Our product does not address your needs? We will build the features you need. Too good to be true? Just try us. Prepare to be impressed.

Online vs Windows Software

Hit the limits of your Windows based DMS? Here is a fun fact: most of the Windows based systems are written in the 90s. Some of them are over 20 years old. A very common thing that happens: dealer startup buys a Windows based DMS with 1-2 employees. As the number of employees grow, they start having problems. Multiple users need to use the system at the same time. The problem reaches a new height when the owner decides to open a new store. You need an online DMS to be able to do these things. We are not even mentioning the security issues, ease of use, backups, updates, etc. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

Inventory Management

Most used car dealers purchase their inventory from auctions. Our DMS can help you with that. You can enter how much you spent on floor planning, auction fees, transportation, etc. The other source of inventory is trades. You can enter a trade in at the time of a sale. Since you enter a vehicle only once, you have less risk of making mistakes. After you purchase a car, you can track how much you spend on reconditioning. Read more...

Dealer Websites

Online marketing has changed the way dealers do business. You have to have a website these days - no matter how small you are. You need to be able to list your inventory in your website as well as publishing news and specials. Your dealer website is your virtual lot. It does not have to be head turner but perform well in search engines and fulfill its purpose: marketing. Our DMS is integrated with our websites. In fact, it is the very same system. If you have an existing website, we can feed your vehicles there, too. Read more...

Online Marketing

In order to get the real power of Internet marketing, you need to post your vehicles to 4 places: Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay Motors. Our DMS makes this very easy for you. Our VIN Decoder will show all specs of your vehicles on your website and online ads. Read more...

Sales Management

CRM plays a big part in managing your sales force. You need to write down your customer communications. Our deal wizard helps you from desking to profit and loss analysis. You can pull credit reports and send credit apps. We will setup your forms that can be printed. You can upload any vehicle documents. After you sell a car, you can manage your post sales processes like registration. Reporting is very easy. You can see a clear big picture of how your business is doing. Read more...

Contact us for more info and demonstration. Visit our main site for news and updates.

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